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Yukon Chrome moly Superjoint, One Joint

YP SJ-297X-201
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We only have 1 of these in stock at this price!  

Yukon Super Joint for GM 8.5", Dana 30 & Dana 44. One single joint.
  • Fits Dana Spicer 30 and 44 and GM 8.5" front
  • 4340 Chromoly cross
  • Eliminated needle bearings results in larger trunion for added strength
  • Uses ultra high grade antiseize for lubrication
  • Not recommended for daily driven use
  • One complete joint and four full circle snap rings

Yukon Super Joints give you the ultimate in competition tough front axle u-joints. 

Sells brand new for $265.49.  We are offering it at $165.

ompatible Differentials

   Dana 30 Front, Crush Sleeve Design, TJ Wrangler
   Dana 30 Front, Reverse Rotation 
   Dana 30 Front, Standard Rotation
   Dana 44 Front, Reverse Rotation, Straight Axle
   Dana 44 Front, Standard Rotation
   GM 8.5" Front - 28 Spline
   GM 8.5" Front - 30 Spline


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