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Toyota Drop Pitman Arm

Part Number Name   Price Quantity
TG 130599-1-KIT FJ-80 Taper $93.44 Qty
TG 130599-1-T Chevy Tie-Rod Taper $105.00 Qty
TG 130599-1-D Chevy Draglink Taper $105.00 Qty
TG 130599-1-KIT
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Trail Gear drop pitman arm, Toyota mini truck.  Tapered to fit FJ-80 rod ends.  We can also taper this to fit Chevy tie-rod ends or Chevy draglink ends.  Please choose which taper you would like.  Be sure to center your steering box and install the pitman arm facing straight back.

WARNING: This will only fit Toyota IFS boxes.
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