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Leaf Spring Hanger for 2.5" Springs

WFO 1900
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WFO 1900.  These leaf spring hanger brackets are CNC laser cut and formed from 1/4" mild steel.  They have a 3" wide opening, with 9/16" bolt holes.  They are designed to work with most standard 2.5" leaf springs with with 1/4" bushing on each side.  We always suggest using a 3" wide steel sleeve inside your leaf spring bushings, and staying with the 9/16" bolt.  This allows you to tighten the bolt, without smashing down the bracket and destroying your bushings!  These hangers are sold seperately, not in pairs.  The bolt hole is 2 3/4" from the mounting surface.  The hanger has two bolt holes and can be bolted or welded on.

WARNING: This hanger will only fit 2.5" wide leaf springs. The overall width between the bracket is 3".


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