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Custom 1.25"x.219 Wall DOM Tie Rod 7/8x18 Threads

WFO 1.25-TR-78
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WFO 1.25 Tie Rod.  We can build you a custom DOM tie rod to your specs - up to 5' long.  We build these tie rods from 1.25"x.219 wall (.812" I.D.) DOM tubing.  We build them on the lathe and drill and tap each end to 7/8x18 threads.  The threads are right hand on one side and left hand on the other side.  After we are done drilling and tapping the tubes, we mill wrench flats on each end for easy adjustment.  All tie rods are shipped on the day of the order, or the next day at the latest.

After online purchase, send an e-mail to with your dimensions!  We will contact you via e-mail to confirm before shipping.

When building these tubes we tap our threads 2" deep.  If you know what tie rod ends you will be using you can specify the ends and we will do the math.  Just give us the hole to hole dimension.

WARNING: When ordering tie rods please give us hole to hole length, and the parts numbers of the ends you are using. We will then calculate the length of the tube.
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