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ABS Pigtail to convert from Ford '05 axle to Chevy wiring harness

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Check out our new Plug-n-Play ABS Pigtail kit for the 2005+ Ford Superduty Axle!

Our ABS pigtails, allow you to easily connect the '05+ Ford Superduty ABS lines to your Chevy DMAX ABS lines.  No more wasting time splicing wires and hoping you have it correct.

From end to end the pigtail measures 13.5" long.  If you have a 9" or taller lift, you may need to slightly rebend your hard line so you have enough give in the ABS wires.  

As of March 2017, these pigtails are apart of our DMAX SAS kits!  Any of you who had previously purchased one of our SAS kits and you haven't cut the ABS plug off of your '05+ Superduty axle, then you can purchase these to add to your list of parts. 

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